Fzoul Chembryl is the Faerûnian god of service to evil as well as an exarch of Bane.[1] Formerly the mortal Chosen Tyrant of his dark overlord, Fzoul eventually was killed fighting the shadovar and was granted his current status as an exarch as his reward for dying in Bane's service.[2]


1263 DR 
Takes authority in Zhentil Keep for the Dark Shrine of Bane. [3]
1368 DR 
Reads aloud True Life of Cyric which directly causes the fall of Zhentil Keep.[4]
1370 DR 
Slays Manshoon and purges Zhentarim of Manshoon's Clones, granting leadership over most of the Black Network.[5]
1370 DR 
Forges Scepter of the Tyrant's Eye.[5]
1374 DR 
Allies with House Jaelre and Auzkovyn Clan to prevent The Return in Myth Drannor.[6]
Orders Scyllua Darkhope of sieze Moonsea Ride.[6]
Orders Scyllua Darkhope to invade Shadowdale with the aid of the Church of Shar and drow of House Dhuurniv.[7]
1375 DR 
Blames all of the Black Networks' failures in the Cormanthor War on Scyllua Darkhope to save face with his drow allies.[8]
1376 DR 
Drow allies broken, Fzoul offers peace terms to the elves of Cormanthor, who accept. Ilsevele Miritar gives Hillsfar and the lands directly to the north to the Zhentarim, as well as free passage along the Moonsea Ride and Rauthauvyr's Road for as long as they do not fell a single living tree, injure or kill any elf or leave the road for more than 30 paces.[8]
Between 1376 DR and 1479 DR 
Killed while defending Zhentil Keep against the Netherese attack.[2]
Bane raises Fzoul Chembryl to be an exarch.[2]


Fzoul Chembryl, the ambitious Chosen High Priest of Bane, joined the Zhentarim when Lord Manshoon (then leader of the Zhentarim) forged an alliance with him. He served as second-in-command for years, seemingly content with his position, but he schemed with another high-ranking Zhentarim, the Lord Orgauth (the lord of Zhentil Keep who was, in fact, not human as he seemed, but a fell pit fiend) and eventually ousted Manshoon from power. Fzoul intended to turn the Zhentarim into an arm of the faith of Bane, and forced from the Zhentarim both loyalists to Manshoon (including Manshoon's lieutenant, the powerful mage Sememmon) and the faithful of the rival deity of Cyric. This led to a brewing war within the organization, with the western Zhentarim of Darkhold led by Sememmon and the Cyrisists opposing the Zhents and Banites, until Sememmon was forced to abandon Darkhold and go into hiding. The Zhentarim of Darkhold, however, led by the evil Cyrisist knight known as the Pereghost and a priest of Cyric called Dhamir Ercals, remain at odds and on the verge of war with the Banites. Fzoul, after Orgauth was slain, had almost gained full control over the Zhentarim. An agreement made with Khelben Arunsun prevented Fzoul from organizing Zhentarim expansion into the Sword Coast, but the agreement would not last forever.[citation needed]

Fzoul had an honest, if disgusting, faith in Bane but was a realist and bent whichever way the wind blew. He has switched allegiance from Bane to Cyric (at the time of Bane's death) and from Cyric (whom he hated) to Iyachtu Xvim (Bane's Son) and finally back to Bane at his re-emergence.[citation needed]


I put out my hand, and the fish swam right into my net - as they always do. It's all in the brightness of the lure you offer.
  — Fzoul Chembryl, High Lord of the Zhentarim
Conquering What I Want of the World: Words For All the Brethren to Live By
(text of speech, 1371 DR)[9]



3rd Edition Profile 
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