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Gaelen was a drow scout in service of the Neverwinter Guard in the late 15th century DR.[1]


Gaelen served as a scout, spy, lookout, and handler for the Neverwinter Guard. She specialized in observing enemy movements, collecting intelligence, and planning precision attacks against enemy leadership. She delegated the actual execution of these attacks to soldiers or adventurers.[1]


In the Year of the Ageless One, 1479 DR, following the Siege of Neverwinter, Gaelen was assigned to spy on the activities of the Many-Arrows orcs who had occupied Neverwinter's Tower District. She was the sole sentry assigned to a post behind enemy lines, in a ruined house just north of the orcish camps around the Cloak Tower. From there, she observed the orcs and planned reconnaissance missions that uncovered the orcs' plans and weakened their defenses. Captain Janros sent the Hero of the Sleeping Dragon Bridge, via Private Quickfoot, to carry out missions for Gaelen. These included raiding the camp to seize battle plans and to target and slay shaman eyes of Gruumsh who were maintaining a ward around the Cloak Tower. She then coordinated assassination missions targeting first the Many-Arrows' warband leaders outside the Cloak Tower—Lurg Bloodspear, Drogthu Elfeater, and Kragmar Deepscar—and then their commander within the Tower itself—Vansi Bloodscar.[1]



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