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Galadorna, also styled The Unicorn Kingdom, was a kingdom in the Wizards' Reach until the mid–8th century DR.[1]


Galadorna was in the Wizards' Reach, centered around Nethrar; it did not extend all the way to Laothkund.[1]


A king reigned in Galadorna. There were a number of barons under him; among those barons were Tholone, Hothal, Maethor, Feldrin, and Belundrar.[1] Lesser lords existed, such as Limmator.[3]


Galadorna had mines of iron and silver.[1]


Each baron of Galadorna had significant retinues and all of them contributed to the kingdom's defense.[1]


During the reign of King Baerimgrim, the self-styled Lord Tholone, one of the barons, had been ignoring court decrees since approximately 755 DR.[1]

One bright summer day in the Year of Mistmaidens, 764 DR, about a year after the king was gravely injured by the green dragon Arlavaunta, King Baeringrim held a meeting with his barons to determine the successor; they chose Tholone to be the next king. However, both men were slain by Nadrathen, a Chosen of Mystra, who crowned himself king in their place. After his fellow Chosen, Elminster, stopped him, the Banite sorceress Dasumia slew Nadrathen and took over as Queen of Galadorna.[1]

Under her reign, Galadorna became rife with feuding mages[4] and was chaotic yet wealthy.[3]

The Unicorn Kingdom was ultimately destroyed by the Lords of Laothkund, within a tenday of the Queen's disappearance,[2] very likely within the year.[note 1]



  1. 1.0 1.1 Per the Google Books version of Temptation, its realmslore section declares the events of the first part to happen in around five years starting 759 DR. In the first chapter, Nuressa, the warrior, tells Elminster they're in early Mirtul. If it is assumed that the events happened in at most five and a half years, as more than five and a half years becomes around six years, then the last events in part 1 must happen at most during Uktar of 764. Given Feldrin's warning during the coronation that the Lords of Laothkund are already planning an attack, this timeline seems plausible. Further development may yet alter the result.


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