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Galaghard Obarskyr I of the Obarskyr dynasty was the 53rd king of Cormyr from 480 DR to 514 DR. He was then Galaghard II, known as "the Father of Dark Princes", the 54th king of Cormyr from 514 DR to 554 DR, and Draxius, called "the Neverdying", the 55th king of Cormyr, from 554 DR to 875 DR, making him the longest-reigning monarch in the history of the kingdom.[1]


He was King Duar Obarskyr's only son and heir from his second wife.[1]


Galaghard I ruled Cormyr for 34 years, from the Year of the Winter Sphinx, 480 DR, to the Year of the Elk, 514 DR. When his only son died quite late into his reign, Amedahast extended Galaghard's life with longevity magics. This allowed him to assume the identity of his dead heir.[1]

As "Galaghard II", he ruled for an additional 40 years; from 514 DR to the Year of the Waving Wheat, 554 DR and had three more sons. All of them rebelled against him, however, and he had them all slain. Again, with Amedahast's aid, he further lengthened his own life and took the identity of his third son, claiming that he was the only one still loyal to his father and the crown.[1]

As "Draxius", he ruled Cormyr for 321 years from 554 DR to the Year of the Stricken Star, 875 DR. He developed a dislike of cats as they lacked devotion to their owners, compared to dogs.[2] He also passed laws to prevent logging in the King's Forest and quelled a rebellion in Arabel.[3]

In the Year of the Empty Hearth, 629 DR, Draxius survived an assassination attempt by a magical near-invisible beast from the ruins of Netheril. The perpetrators were Luthax and Elmariel Emmarask. The king was given just enough warning by Thanderahast and managed to slay the beast himself.[4] He had been in bed with a blonde-haired woman (and not the Queen) at the time, and asked Thanderahast, as the only other person to know this, to keep this to himself.[5]

In the Year of the Stricken Star, 875 DR, Amedahast died, thus ending the longevity magics and Galaghard's life, passing the throne to his son, Bryntarth I.[1]


Draxius possessed the war shield Undying Gaze.[6]