Gale was an ambitious human wizard who was abducted by mind flayers.[1]


The aspiring sage had a full brown beard and matching hair, brown eyes, and light skin. He wore a brown leather cuirass with golden motifs running down the left and right front sides. The curious mage wished to become the greatest wizard Faerûn had ever seen.[1]


In the 15th century DR, Gale was on the prowl, trying to sate his thirst for magic. However, in doing so, a Netherese destruction orb was embedded into his body. The orb would continuously beat, and it counted down to an ultimate destruction that was capable of tearing down cities.[1]

Gale was taken prisoner by illithids upon a nautiloid. A mindflayer tadpole was forced into his eye, which was the starting stage of ceremorphosis. However, the spelljammer was later taken down and crashed.[1]



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