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Galenia and her young paramour Patrolio were the subjects of a famous romantic but tragic story popular along the Sword Coast in the 14th century DR.[1]

...Then I shall wait for you, Patrolio my love. Your voice is aphrodisia to my soul, and I yearn to heart again before long...
— Galenia[1]


Galenia and Patrolio were young nobles who lived on the opposite sides of the river that flowed through the city. They belonged to old families that feuded for as long as they remembered. The couple first laid their eyes on each other in the city's market. Their passion grew hotter when they touched for the first time while attending the city's theater. And eventually, they were consumed by young love on a balcony of the city's Duke's ball. The youth knew their families would never approve of their union and decided to run away from the societal pressures and prejudices. Patrolio promised to drive a boat to Galenia's home on the river under cover of darkness. Unfortunately for the young lovers, they were doomed the moment someone overheard their plans.[1]

It was unknown whether it was Patrolio's family or Galenia's, but it was obvious that they were responsible for drilling a hole in the young man's boat. The river's deep currents took Patrolio while Galenia waited for her paramour until the break of dawn. Subsequently, Galenia died of a broken heart, thinking her lover abandoned her.[1]



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