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The Gallant Prince was a merchant galleon that became separated from its convoy in Eleint of 1358 DR. The ship was lost somewhere between Neverwinter and the Purple Rocks for the duration of about ten days, and it was rumored that it became lost as a result of the disastrous weather conditions.[1][2]


The ship had many hidden cargo holds, as well as bedding rooms full of bunks.[1]

The most interesting part of the ship was the captain's section. On the door leading to his quarters was a slab of ebony that was finely crafted into the face of a beautiful woman. Acting as a doorwarden to deny entry to those not permitted, the ebony face asked a question (albeit with the voice of a hag and not a fair maiden) and only the correct spoken answer could gain access. This room held many secret passages.[1]


The Gallant Prince set off with its convoy in 1358 DR. However, the Kraken Society and a mage of the Host Tower of the Arcane wanted the sea lanes clear within their respective territory: the Purple Rocks to Luskan. So, the joint group made it their mission to take over, or otherwise destroy, any ships in this region. When the Gallant Prince came into these sea lanes, the combined group commanded undead to kill the sailors, and take over the ship. However, not all of the crew was killed, with some, including the captain, being turned to stone.[1]

One by one, the undead they commanded have killed our crew, transforming them into lonely wanderers like themselves.
— A sailor of the Gallant Prince.[1]

Over a week after it went missing, it was spotted adrift off Port Llast by a local fisherman named Simon Hempwright. Hempwright anchored the ship in Port Llast's harbor, and went in to investigate. Unfortunately he was never heard of again.[1]

Days later, the Gallant Prince was still docked at the harbor, as nobody was foolish enough to enter it and tow her back out to sea. The boat's sails were absolutely tattered and its hull had been weathered by the heavy storms, as well as wood-eating parasites. Its interior, too, was wrecked. The captain's desk had been reduced to "a million walnut toothpicks" and his satin bed sheets had been ripped apart.

Most of the weathered vessel actually crawling with undead, including zombies, ghouls, and skeletons, and the captain's quarters held a pack of owlbears. One secret room in the captain's quarters contained the stoned forms of the captain and some crew, while the other secret room revealed the mages from the Host Tower of the Arcane and their undead minions.[1]



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