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The Galley of the Gods was a legendary Unther sailing vessel, used at times for either the purposes of warfare or moving cargo.[1]


The ship's prow was of a draconic creature with multiple heads chained togethor, symbolizing the Untheric pantheon's legendary victory over Tiamat. During times of war the galley was typically equipped with two ballistae on each of its sides, as well as a catapult on its rear.[1]

When fully crewed the galley was capable of moving at speeds of 15​ to ​25 miles (24,000​ to ​40,000 meters) per hour[1]


The ship was known to possess a low degree of magic resistance, as well as an immunity to both fire and lightning, protecting all who traveled within it. Any friendly ship that was traveling alongside the galley would also possess these immunities.[1]

In extreme emergencies, the ship could manifest the wings of a dragon and lift off from the water. However, this required at least 120 oarsmen crewing the ship.[1]

The ship's draconic prow was capable of firing a 20 ft (6.1 m) in diameter sphere of lightning at targets from up to 400 yards (370 meters) away. However, in order to activate this effect the prow needed to be facing the desired target.[1]


The Galley of the Gods was believed to have been created by the deity Enki.[1] He constructed it in order to allow Enlil and the rest of the Untheric pantheon to sail through Wildspace, pass the barrier constructed by the sorcerers of Imaskar, and into Abeir-Toril. However, he himself chose to remain behind.[3]

Throughout their history, the people of Unther used the galley in countless naval battles. Most notably, it was part of the battle in which they were victorious against the navy of Narfell.[1]

Around 1357 DR, it was docked in the nation's capital Unthalass when a group of pirates[1] from the Alamber Sea stole it.[4] Many believed that they hid it away somewhere close to the pirate haven Ship of the Gods.[1] That same year Unthalass was destroyed by flooding. This coupled with civil wars and assaults by pirates left the nation of Unther unable to begin rebuilding their navy to mount a search effort until 1359 DR. Around this same time priests of Gilgeam were scheming to recover the galley themselves.[4]