Galvan was the Blue Dragon Wyrmspeaker in the reformed Cult of the Dragon of Severin Silrajin.[2]


Galvan thought very much like a scheming blue dragon. He was also Talis Kasterel's mentor and saw Severin as a man of great vision and destiny, and thus would never act against him.[2]


Galvan was born in Thay and had aspirations to be a Red Wizard but his magic skill was not great enough. He joined the Cult of the Dragon and served for a long time. When Severin entered the Cult, Galvan saw him as a charismatic leader and soon allied with him. He always maintained contacts among the Red Wizards and under Severin's leadership Galvan acted as a link between the two groups. There was a secret family connection between him and Rath Modar, the lead Red Wizard allied with the Cult. Galvan also plotted against Valindra Shadowmantle hoping to acquire or destroy her dragon's orb.[2]

Behind the ScenesEdit

Although Galvan's page was present in the Wizard site, he was barely mentioned in Hoard of the Dragon Queen and The Rise of Tiamat.



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