Gapolploorg was a powerful kuo-toa whip of Sloopdilmonpolop and priest of Blibdoolpoolp in 1370 DR.[1]


Gapolploorg was one of the few relatively sane members of the ruling kuo-toa elite. His focus was on the defense of the city, despite the lack of threats. In fact, after his eventual promotion, he planned to attack the deep gnomes of the Starspire Mountains.[1]


Gapolploorg was the commander of the Whips, the order of thieves/priests of Sloopdilmonpolop. His main role was to organize the defense of the city. He answered to the aged Oorg-Poolgoop (the priest-duke of war) Gibupgagool, but over time the old kuo-toa had ceded most of his authority to his enthusiastic assistant Gapolploorg. All agreed that, at the death of the priest-duke of war, Gapolploorg would likely become his successor.[1]



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