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Gargoyle golems were a rather rare form of golem that resembled a gargoyle and were largely unique to the Domains of Dread.[1][3]


Gargoyle golems resembled their namesake, standing roughly 6 feet (1.8 meters) tall and weighing between 500​ to ​550 pounds (230​ to ​250 kilograms), but were only ever carved from granite. They were difficult to distinguish from simple statues when inactive,[1][2][3] but when moving their bodies produced the sound of rocks grinding.[3]


Beyond their appearance, the trait that set gargoyle golems apart from other golems was that any creature slashed by their claws would suffer petrification. They also the possessed the innate magic resistance typical of golems. The spells earthquake and dispel magic were noted as being capable of shattering a gargoyle golem if targeted directly at them.[1][2][3]

Despite being carved with wings like their namesake, gargoyle golems were incapable of flying. They also were incapable of communicating in any way and seem to suffer no harm from falling great distances.[1][2]


Gargoyle golems typically confronted their opponents by pouncing on them from heights as high up as 100 feet (30 meters). Once up close, they would pound enemies with their stone fists in order to petrify them and smash their stone bodies into pieces.[1][2][3]


Gargoyle golems were typically constructed to protect a specific structure,[1][3][4] such as cathedrals or tombs.[3][4]


In 1370 DR, several gargoyle golems were noted on Toril as being inside the Hall of Wonders in Ravens Bluff, each of them perched atop one of the stair-posts of the entry hall's two grand staircases.[5]


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