Garumn's Gorge was a wide chasm located in Mithral Hall.

Description[edit | edit source]

There was a small waterfall that spouted from the wall of the chasm, called Bruenor's Falls.

Defenses[edit | edit source]

There was one bridge leading across it. Part of that bridge collapsed when a lever on the far side of the gorge was pulled. This lever was used to aid escaping dwarves fleeing across the gorge.

Location[edit | edit source]

To the west of the gorge, there was the hall of dwarven kings, and a path to the Undercity of Mithral Hall.

To the east lay the eastern gate of Mithral Hall, which opened up onto the River Surbin.

History[edit | edit source]

When Bruenor Battlehammer returned to Mithral Hall to reclaim it, he ran into an army of duergar, who worshiped the shadow dragon Shimmergloom, who had taken the hall hundreds of years before after they had chased the dwarves out. When Bruenor returned to the Hall, Shimmergloom challenged him atop the bridge that crossed Garumn's Gorge. Bruenor responded by wildly leaping onto the dragon's back with a flaming oil barrel. Bruenor succeeded in destroying the dragon, but suffered the consequences of the hundred-foot tumble to the bottom of the gorge. Only Drizzt Do'Urden's lost sword, Icingdeath, kept the dwarf from burning up. Bruenor eventually climbed out of the rubble and made his way back to the top of the gorge.

When King Obould Many-Arrows threatened to attack Mithral hall with his tribe of orcs, Bruenor traveled out to find the fabled dwarven city of Gauntelgrym to try and find out what he should do about it. Instead of Gauntlgrym, however, Bruenor found a dwarven city that depicted orcs and dwarves living together. Bruenor came out of the city with the notion that the dwarves of Mithral Hall should make a treaty with Obould. Bruenor's diplomatic mission was a success, and the treaty was signed and sealed in Garumn's Gorge. Thus it was given the name the Treaty of Garumn's Gorge.

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