Zor Garwyl Gos was a noble in Mulmaster in 1491 DR.


Garwyl was a realistic but ruthless person. His focus was on the family's business and he had no time for distractions. His main concern was that scandals involving his siblings could ruin his work. For this reason, Garwyl tried not to become involved with the Hawks or the City Watch, as they might leak information to his rivals.


Garwyl was the eldest son of Lord Ninyon Gos. Because of his father's extreme age, Garwyl ran the family's business. His family controlled most of the city's forges.

In 1491 DR, his brother Andrik Gos became involved in a scandal. Some time later, Garwyl's sister Liticia Gos disappeared and he hired an adventuring party to find her.[1] Later together with Dornal Whitebeard of the Lords' Alliance hired an adventuring party to instigate a mysterious storm scorching the Monastery of the Yellow Rose.[2]

Around 1492 DR Garwyl was one of the preeminent noble of the city.[3]