Gates of Neverdeath is an adventure module for the D&D Game Day in Summer 2011, for the 4th-edition of Dungeons & Dragons. This adventure was released as a prelude for Lost Crown of Neverwinter.

The task seems easy enough: Accompany a mysterious traveler and her equally mysterious package from Waterdeep to Neverwinter.

In the Jewel of the North, tasks are seldom easy, though. News travels fast, and the Red Wizards of Thay have learned of the traveler and the object she carries. Now, a necromancer readies an ambush for the adventurers and their ward, intent on stealing the item for its own sinister purpose.

Gates of Neverdeath is a Dungeons & Dragons Game Day adventure, and is a prequel to Lost Crown of Neverwinter, the summer 2011 season of the D&D Encounters official play program. The adventure comes with one full-color battle map, and two ready to play encounters.
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