Lord Gaucelm Gonfrey was once the ruler of the kingdom of Grimmantle after usurping the throne from its aged king.[1]


Gonfrey had a penchant for the finer things in life, even in undeath he would spare no expense on outfitting his chambers or wardrobe with finery.[2] Although in battle the Thief-King was fearless, often rushing in to attack with determined sword swings, his vanity was such that he would still hold back his undead powers to maintain his facade. Only unleashing them if sorely pressed.[3]


In 304 DR, Gaucelm Gonfrey seized upon the opportunity to take the throne of Grimmantle from its elderly king, becoming known afterwards as the "thief-king" by his subjects. However, Gonfrey's rule was cut short a year later when he was murdered by the poisoned arrow of an assassin and buried far beneath The Crags.[1]

Many centuries passed as Gonfrey rested in death until Myrkul, lord of the dead, decided to bestow the gift of undeath upon him in the months prior to the Time of Troubles. None know what the Lord of Bones had planned for Gonfrey as the Deity perished in Waterdeep soon after Gonfrey's rising. With his new powers and abilities as a Death knight, Gonfrey wandered the North for years, eventually making his way home to the ruins of Grimmantle.[1]

By 1372 DR, Gonfrey had moved back into his old keep and gathered a small group of humans which he hopes to build into a new kingdom of Grimmantle. Aided by the Illusions of his new "court mage" Quaerel Nhommingtun, the thief-king hides his undead nature from the others around him.[1]


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