A gauntlet was a metal glove worn to protect the hand. They were a standard part of medium and heavy suits of armor.[2]


Spiked gauntlet 
This gauntlet allowed one to pierce his or her opponents with a punch.[1]
Locked gauntlet 
This type of gauntlet used small chains and braces to lock a held weapon in the hand of the wearer.[3]


The clerics of Bane commonly wore a black gauntlet on a single fist.[4] The favored weapon of the dwarven god Thard Harr was likewise a spiked gauntlet.[5]

Notable GauntletsEdit

Black Hand of Bane 
This was the favored weapon of the god Bane.
Claw of the revenancer 
This silver gauntlet was an artifact of the drow goddess Kiaransalee.
Gauntlets of the valorous 
These magic gauntlets were worn by the heroes of Myth Drannor.


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