In the Heralds of Faerûn organization, the office of Gauntlet was one of two unique positions (Green Shield being the other one) that were temporary. While most Herald offices were a lifetime appointment, Gauntlet was given a four-year term that began just before a Shieldmeet and ended just prior to the next Shieldmeet.[1][2][3] Gauntlet was charged with gathering intelligence related to non-state militias, mercenary companies, and adventuring groups, reporting to the High Heralds their strength and effectiveness, the character of their leadership, their clientele, what loyalties they held, what areas they operated in, and how to contact their agents.[2][3][4] Because of this familiarity, rulers sometimes issued charters, contracts, and letters patent through this office in order to keep counterfeiting in check and/or to promote the Warriors' Code. (The Warriors's Code dealt with the treatment of prisoners, the wounded, peasants, crops, land, and natural resources in areas of conflict, and Gauntlet had the authority to enforce these strictures under threat of losing the recognition of the Heralds and all who trusted their judgement.)[4]

This office was usually filled from the ranks of the Heralds Pursuivant, but rarely was held by a former local Herald or High Herald. New appointees were trained by, and generally took direction from, Old Night.[4] This office was never renewed out of concern of corruption. Rarely, a former Gauntlet could serve a second, non-consecutive term.[3][4] The residence of this office was a fortification known as Honorgard House, located on the north shore of the Tethyr Peninsula, southwest of Murann.[4]

Rumors and Legends[edit | edit source]

In the history of the office, the most famous Gauntlet was Esbras, known for forming a strike team of warriors that acted on the desires of the Heralds. The High Heralds never officially approved of this group or its methods but condoned their behavior until several heads of state pressured the Heralds to disband the group. Rumors persisted of a secret cabal that granted the wishes of the Heralds, and indeed there were a number of Harpers that took up the cause and communicated through secure channels with Gauntlet and continued to operate very discretely.[4]

Possessions[edit | edit source]

Gauntlet and Green Shield were collectively known as the Tabards, short for the Sun and Moon Tabards, referring to the heraldic overgarments they wore.[3]

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