The Gauntlet of Tyla'zhus was a weapon that was heavily favored by illithids who loved joining in melee combat, enjoyed torturing others, or just valued the defense this gauntlet supplied. This was another of the inventions of the Creative Creed.[1]


The material of the basic gauntlet was animal hide of an unknown source. In the center of the palm rested a large ruby that was held in place by psionic circuitry. [1]


The first power supplied by the gauntlet was that it could shoot a thin ray of heat out of the ruby in the center of the palm. The range was 30 feet (9 meters) and would often burn the target.[1]

Out of combat, the gauntlet also allowed an illithid to inflict pain without a mind link or personal contact. There was a chance that the glove would not be successful, but when it was the victim would divulge the requested information to their interrogator.[1]


It was often supplied to illithid sentinels in major tunnels that led into Oryndoll.[2]



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