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Gauntlets of ogre power were a number of sets of wondrous gauntlets that would grant the wielder the strength of an ogre. It was required that both individual glove be worn for the enchantment to take effect,[1] and they would not benefit anyone who already possessed more strength.[2] A number of sets of these gauntlets have appeared throughout Faerûn over the span of thousands of years.[5]

Known Sets[]

One set of the gauntlets, known as the Hands of Takkok, were precisely that: the severed hands of the ogre Takkok, which were removed from his body by a powerful mage he had assaulted in the Spine of the World. They were then fashioned into the set of enchanted, ogre-skin gloves. Some time later they came into the possession of the entropy-worshiping rogue Desreta, who was known to frequent the Low Lantern tavern in Baldur's Gate.[3]

A stash of gauntlets of ogre power was uncovered within a great cache of treasure in the nation of Calimshan sometime around the year 1372 DR.[5]

When the former Rider of Nesmé Rannek, along with his allies Zhai and Illius, explored the Gemspark Mine in the late 14th century DR, he discovered and donned a set of the gauntlets. He was known for using his newfound strength to outright destroy walls or other impeding obstacles he encountered in his journeys.[6]

In the 15th century DR, a set of gauntlets of ogre power could be found in Wave Echo Cave near Phandalin.[7]


While the gloves could be made from ordinary leather or ogre skin[3] and may or may not have required metals such as steel, adamantine or other minerals like emerald, the spell bull's strength was a common aspect in the enchantment process.[1][8]

More Powerful Variants[]

Gauntlets of ogre power would cap the user's strength at that of an ogre. There were, however, other sets of gauntlets which increased the user's strength even further. Such gauntlets were known as gauntlets of giant strength[9][10], which themselves scaled to the power of the specific giant. For example, a pair of gauntlets modifying the user's strength to that of a stone giant could be found in the Temple of Dumathoin.[9]


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