Gauros was a tharch of Thay located in the north-eastern region of the nation, east of the River Gauros atop the First Escarpment of the Thayan Plateau.[1] It was highly prized for the valuable minerals that lay within the Gorge of Gauros and Sunrise Mountains, and was the site of several battles between the tharch's elite legions, and the forces of nearby Rashemen.[2]

The people of Gauros maintained a particular hatred for the Rashemi people, more so than the rest of Thay.[3]

Geographical FeaturesEdit


The Rashemi and Thayan people fought many battles within the tharch of Gauros.[2] Throughout the years, many of Thay's zulkirs attempted to cultivate the lands around the River Gauros, but were prevented from this endeavour due to in-fighting and lack of vision.[4]

War of the ZulkirsEdit

On Mirtul 5 1375 DR, Tharchioness Azhir Kren and Tharchion Homen Odesseiron led an ill-fated invasion of Rashemen, that was halted when they were ambushed by Rashemi warriors and witches at the location where the River Gauros crossed the gorge. The Thayan legions faced certain defeat until they were rescued at precisely the right time by the zulkir of necromancy, Szass Tam.[5] In fact, the lich had orchestrated the ambush, interceded as the mission's savior and spun the event in the court of public opinion in an effort to gain favor among the Thayan people.[6]

Following Szass Tam's withdrawal from the Council of Zulkirs in Mirtul the same year, the legions of Gauros, along with those from Surthay, were among the first to align with the powerful necromancer.[7]




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