Gembomb was a conjuration spell that transformed gems into explosives.[1][2]


Gembomb had two versions. One version that allowed up to five gems to be enchanted[1] and another version that enchanted a single gem.[2]

The first version allowed the enchantment of up to five handheld gems. A certain amount of magical energy was distributed among these gems at the whim of the caster. For example, the caster could create one single powerful bomb, or several weaker bombs. These bombs could be thrown only by the caster to explode.[1]

The second version allowed the enchantment of a single gem and turned it into a powerful bomb. It could be thrown and only made explode when thrown by the caster alone. It could be thrown only at a distance of 60 feet,[2] which was shorter than the other version,[1] but it could be thrown with no possibility of missing.[2]


Gembomb required somatic, verbal, and material components. The material component were the gems that were to be enchanted, they needed to be worth at least 1 gp.[1][2]


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  1. The Spell Compendium mentions gembomb as an evocation spell. In this article, the spell is categorized as a conjuration spells per policy as it is in the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting 3rd edition.


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