Gendi was a crewmember aboard the hammership called the Probe.[1]


One of Gendi's duties on the Probe was to oil the windlass of the heavy ballista in the forward turret.[1]


On the journey from Krynn to Toril, while in the flow, the first-mate Aelfred Silverhorn took the opportunity to train Teldin Moore, the wearer of the Cloak of the First Pilot, in swordplay. Gendi surrendered his short sword for Teldin to use for practice while watching with no small amount of amusement.[1]

Not long after, Gendi was one of the first casualties of an attack by a neogi deathspider. A bolt from one of the spidership's ballistae struck the forecastle turret, causing the Probe's ballista to explode from the stored potential energy in the weapon. Gendi's back was broken from the force of the blow of the shrapnel, instantly killing him. Teldin regrettably took the man's sword as his own weapon.[2]




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