Gendruwo were a type of memedi native to Kara-Tur.[1]


Gendruwo were able to shape-shift at will and were able to take on many appearances. Their natural form was a humanoid with no distinguishing features.[1]


Like all memedi, gendruwo detested all combat. However, unlike other memedi, if confronted, a gendruwo would defend itself, even wielding a weapon if one was available. They considered the use of weapons demeaning and would dispose of it as soon as possible.[1]


If a human saw a gendruwo, they were struck with effects similar to that of a fear spell. Gendruwo had significant resistance to magic but were vulnerable to spells that affected spirits.[1]


Gendruwo were infamous for their pranks. They relished in annoying humans and most often pulled relatively harmless pranks. But if a gendruwo was in a bad mood, their pranks were more malicious.[1]

Their most dangerous prank was kidnapping. They lured a victim with the promise of food such as kastera. The gendruwo then grabbed their target and transported them both to the edges of the Ethereal Plane. The grasp of a gendruwo was unbreakable so the victim was helpless. Upon arriving in the Ethereal Plane, the gendruwo released their victim and returned to the Prime Material Plane, leaving their victim behind, who had to find their own way back to their previous location.[1]

Gendruwo were solitary creatures but sometimes worked in a group to pull off an elaborate prank.[1]


Gendruwo were native to the Ethereal Plane and were most often encountered in Kara-Tur, usually on the island of Bawa and other islands within the Island Kingdoms. They had no lair and preferred secluded locations.[1]


Unlike other memedi, gendruwo consumed beverages and food, as well as paper and parchment.[1]




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