An armar or vigilant was a junior member of the City Guard of Waterdeep, serving as a sergeant.[4][1][3]


They typically patrolled the environs of Waterdeep in groups of twelve, with ten privates, one sergeant, and one captain or lieutenant.[1]


Circa 1357 DR, sergeants of the City Guard typically wore yellow scale armor under green cloaks and tabards and carried a shield. Both tabard and shield bore the symbol of Waterdeep, a crescent moon reflected over a bay, surrounded by seven stars. They wielded longswords, daggers, and darts coated with a paralytic poison. On missions outside, they were also armed with bows.[4]

Circa 1372 DR, sergeants wore a uniform of polished chainmail covered with a tabard in black cloth with gold trim. They carried a steel heavy shield, and carried a masterwork longsword and club, together with a composite shortbow and 20 arrows. However, depending on their posting, they could also have shortspears, short swords, and daggers. They also possessed two potions of cure light wounds and an oil of magic weapon.[1]



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