The Genie's Turban was a group of islands off the coast from Muluk in Zakhara.[1]


The "turban" of this group of islands comprised two large islands called the Island of Firethorns and the Island of Gardens, or al-Hada'iq. The "genie's face" consisted of three smaller islands on the eastern side of Chaos Bay called The Eyes (al-Oyun) and The Nose (al-Anf) of the Marid. Local corsair lore referred to the smaller islets near the Eyes as "the Beauty Marks".[1]

Island of the FirethornsEdit

This island was so named for the abundance of firethorn, or "sea rose" plants that covered the land. Only two settlements were found on the island—a small fishing village called Safe Cove, and the city of Hawa.[1]

Island of the GardensEdit

The Island of Gardens was falsely named in a manner of speaking. Blocked from view by the sea, the arid interior of this island was surrounded by lush, beautiful vegetation. This islands' villages were located near the coast or along the eastern area of forested elevation called the Comb.[1]


The area of the Genie's Turban was entirely peopled with corsairs. Naturally suspicious, they would often test newcomers to see if they were confused by the use of the term for the Beauty Marks islets.[1]



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