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Geomancers were powerful wizards or priests in Zakhara who mastered the element of earth. They worshiped the god Grumbar.[1][note 1]


Geomancer priests worshiped Grumbar, the Cold God of the Earth. They were particularly wicked individuals.[1]


Geomancers sought to understand and interpret Fate through their unique magic. Their higher understanding of Fate would allow them to command the entire world. Their unique combination of both arcane and divine magic set them apart from other practitioners and allowed them to create powerful geoglyphs.[1]

The empire of the Geomancers was controlled by the priests of Grumbar, though the supreme ruling council, known as the Nine Council, was led by individuals who had mastered both arcane and divine magic.[1]

Priests with exceptional intelligence were given further training, granting them access to additional powers detailed below.


Because of their connection to Grumbar, Geomancers were highly resistant to magic from the earth element and they could command or turn creatures native to the Elemental Plane of Earth. This included creatures more powerful than the typical earth elemental like dao and monoliths. Geomancers could quickly summon earth elementals to do their bidding. Like priests from other religions, they could also turn and command undead.[1]


Geomancers could not wear armor or use shields. Any weapon they wielded needed to be made of unrefined metal or stone.[1]



  1. Geomancers could be be priests, wizards or even dual-classed in the Al-Qadim setting.