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Gershom was a human ranger who accidentally fell into another plane.[1][note 1]


Gershom had long and ragged white hair, with a matching mustache. He wore fringed leather clothing, and carried a black sword with a red pommel.[1]


Aside from his mundane leather armor and backpack, Gershom owned several magical items: a longsword of sharpness, a ring of protection, a girdle of frost giant strength, and a gem of seeing.[1]


Whilst on a solitary wilderness trek, Gershom fell into a seemingly bottomless hole. After falling for several hours, he landed in a pond. Upon exploring his surroundings, he ascertained that he had accidentally traveled to a less developed plane of existence.[1]



  1. It is unclear whether Gershom was originally from Toril and found himself transported somewhere more primitive, or if he was from a more developed world and traveled to Toril.


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