Gerti Orelsdottr was a female frost giant who lived in an ice and rock cavern in the Spine of the World called Shining White.[1][2][3]


She was the sole daughter and heir to Jarl Orel the Grayhand, the frost giant patriarch who united the various families and clans around the Spine of the World to form a unified frost giant populace.[4] Circa 1372 DR, with her father on his death bed and no more than a figurehead, Gerti was the most likely candidate to assume power as jarl over the frost giants once Jarl Orel died. She was under command of her powerful frost giant kin named Yerki.[1][2]


Gerti was over twelve feet (3.7 m) tall and had blue skin. She was attractive, with dark blue eyes and long golden hair. She had a muscular build and wore a silver wolf fur cloak and boots with a brown leather dress. Her boots were rumored to be magical and quickened her strides.[5]




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