Getsu was an unusually intelligent tigbanua buso in Nakamaru around 1357 DR.[1]


Somehow, a tigbanua buso gained intelligence and named himself Getsu, plotting to destroy the city of Nakamaru.[1] He planned to infect many humans with his claws transforming them into tagamaling buso, and they would spread the infection further until the tagamaling buso became too numerous to be stopped.[2]


Getsu was a very ancient creature, a first a servant to humans but at one point he became foul and perverted.

In 1357 DR, it decided to target the Worthless Flower yakuza gang to spread his infection. He would start by infecting the oyabun Uruma.[2]


Gestu liked to toy with and torture his victims. He was crueler than most of his fellows.[1]



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