Ghargatulas were massive baatezu devils that were sometimes used to guard important locations.[1]


Ghargatulas were somewhat dinosaur-like in appearance, and averaged 25 feet (7.6 meters) in height, with 15‑foot-long (4.6‑meter) tails. Their mouths, which were big enough to swallow a human whole, had many rows of dagger-sized teeth. Their skin was dark and almost craggy in appearance.[1]


Ghargatulas, like other baatezu, had darkvision, could telepathically speak with creatures within 100 feet (30 meters), were immune to both fire and poisons, and were resistant to being damaged by acid and cold. Ghargatulas lacked the innate magical powers of other devils, to the point of not even being able to summon allies in a fight. Instead, they simply relied on their size, tail, and fangs in combat. They were skilled at grabbing opponents and preferred to try and eat enemies even during combat. Additionally, they had a venom-filled stinger on the end of their tails.[1]


Ghargatulas sometimes acted as guards of important locations, but they were just as happy to roam the warmer parts of the Nine Hells alone, killing everything they ran across.[1]



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