Gharri Wondermaker (pronounced: /ˈɑːriJAR-ee[1]) was a powerful cleric of Gond in Tilverton until 1356 DR.[1]


Gharri was born in Yhaunn but soon become an orphan and was adopted by a traveling priest of Gond. In time, he rose through the ranks of the church of Gond until he became the high priest of the Sea of Fallen Stars area and founded a temple in the then-independent city of Tilverton. Quickly, he became the de facto ruler of that city, which prospered thanks to innovations in manufacturing.

At first, he supported Cormyr's seizing of Tilver's Gap to oppose orcs, Zhentilar, and the expanding empire of Lashan Aumersair of Scardale. However, after he understood that he no longer had true power in the city, Gharri escaped and relocated to Castle Krag in Shadowdale.

There he ruled the local clergy of Gond. However, in 1356 DR, he decided to go to Daggerdale to help in Randal Morn's war with the Zhentarim. There he was killed near Serpentsbridge fighting a dozen Zhent mages.[1]



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