Ghaulathator, also known as Wintercloak, was an ancient white dragon slain in the time of Netheril.[1][2]


In 3426 NY (−433 DR), Wintercloak flew under the floating city of Lathery, over the Narrow Sea in Netheril, and was teleported into one of the city's cold storage chambers, as part of its fishing system. Wintercloak tore himself free and broke out into the city streets, and there was confronted by Veridon and the city's arcanists. Wintercloak slayed Veridon and a dozen arcanists with its icy breath, but was slain by the survivors.[2][note 1]



  1. Dragons of Faerun's Roll Call of Dragons gives the name "Ghaulathator" to the dragon previously known as "Wintercloak". However, it lists his lair as Lachery, but Netheril: Empire of Magic makes it clear he only visited and died there.


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