Ghaunadans were an intelligent kind of ooze that could adopt the guise of a drow. They were subservient to Ghaunadaur; according to Cavatina Xarann, they were bits and pieces of the god's mind.[4]


In their natural state, they were bright green, with a shape reminiscent of a drow. If attacked, one could envelop its enemy's weapon and solidify, yanking the weapon towards itself and either pulling their opponent into close quarters or leaving them unarmed. They could temporarily adopt the form of a stunning-looking drow, although its eyes would be of unfamiliar colors, such as pale green.[4] If attacked in drow form, they would bleed slime the color of their natural form.[4][5]


Ghaunadans were capable of some magic; if they were in ooze form, they could paralyze with a touch. However, if they were in their drow form, meeting their stare would put the victim under the effect of an enchantment similar to a powerful friends spell.[4]




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