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Ghaunadans were intelligent oozes that served the deity Ghaunadaur.[1][3]


Ghaunadans were natural shapechangers, capable of shifting between an ooze form and a humanoid form. They could shift in this manner once per day, and could spend up to 15 hours in the humanoid form at a time. Each humanoid form was unique to the individual ghaunadan: most took the form of a human male, although some took the form of a drow female. Regardless, the form was always a pleasant or attractive one. Ghaunadans preferred to wear the garish colors favored by clerics of Ghaunadaur: copper, amber, flame-orange, plum, purple, lilac, or lavender.[1][3]



Ghaunadans were intelligent and charismatic individuals, but they were also devout servants of the evil god Ghaunadaur.[1][3]


Ghaunadans, in their ooze form, possessed blindsight. They were naturally resistant to blunt force trauma in this form, and were immune to poison, sleep effects, paralysis, being stunned, and could not be polymorphed. Additionally, their natural pseudopods (which they could manifest in both forms) where covered with a paralytic slime.[1][3]

In their humanoid form, ghaunadans could charm people simply by looking into their eyes, producing an effect similar to the friends spell that lasted as long as the ghaunadan remained in sight and in their humanoid form.[1][3]


In their ooze form, ghaunadans typically attacked by forming two pseudopods out of their body; they could also make pseudopods in their humanoid form but typically chose not to break their cover, instead using weapons and armor that they found or charmed off of someone. Additionally, ghaunadans in their ooze form could mold themselves around an enemy's weapon in order to take said weapon.[1][3]


Ghaunadans resided alone or in small groups, living in any subterranean area where they could find prey, but most often dwelling near where their god's enemies were active. They preferred to live near and lead other slimes and oozes.[1][3]



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