The seven ghazneths were fell demons created by Nalavarauthatoryl from prominent members of Cormyrean royalty and nobility who had betrayed Cormyr in some way.


Even a single ghazneth was incredibly deadly, displaying phenomenal power and lighting-fast speed. A single Ghazneth could easily wipe out even large Purple Dragons patrols[1] and contingents of War Wizards[2]. The ghazneths' wings were able to shield the ghazneth almost completely from magical attacks[3], and the ghazneths themselves were able to absorb magical energy, draining magical items[4] and greatly reducing the duration of spells cast upon them[5].

Ghazneths also had the ability to detect magic and could intercept telepathic communication[6]. They used this to great effect by tracking both Princess Tanalasta Obarskyr and Princess Alusair Obarskyr as both were heavily laden with Obarskyr magical items. It was later discovered that the ghazneth actually gathered strength by draining magic[7], even being able to heal their wounds with captured magic[8].

Finally, each ghazneth had a unique power tied to their mortal life and sins. For example, Boldovar the Mad had the ability to invoke a paranoid madness within his opponents, just as he displayed paranoid madness during his rule of Cormyr.


As demons, the ghazneths were particularly vulnerable to cold iron weapons, an advantage the defenders of Cormyr quickly seized after traditional weapons and magic proved ineffective against these powerful creatures.

Ghazneth PoemEdit

Each Ghazneth was buried under a tree carved in High Wealden, an ancient elven language. Every tree had the same poem carved on it except for the last line, which was different for each ghazneth. The first parts of the poem went as such:

This childe of men, lette his bodie nourishe this tree.

The tree of this bodie, lette it growe as it nourishes. The spirit of this tree, to them lette it return as it grewe.

Thus the havoc bearers sleepe, the sleepe of no rests. Thus the sorrow bringers sow, the seeds of their ruine.

Thus the death makers kille, the sons of their sons.

Known GhaznethEdit

  1. Suzara Obarskyr had the power of fire manipulation and control. The city Suzail is named after her.
  2. Ryndala Merendil had the power of disease.
  3. Boldovar Obarskyr had the power to induce madness in others.
  4. Melineth Turcassan had the power of decay.
  5. Luthax had the power to induce fury.
  6. Xanthon Cormaeril had the power to control swarms. He killed Emperel Ruousk.
  7. Rowan Cormaeril had the power to cast storms. Before he was turned, he wedded Tanalasta Obarskyr and fathered a child with her, Azoun V.


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