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Gheldaneth was a city in Mulhorand.


It was the only Mulhorandi city to survive the Spellplague after 1385 DR although its population was greatly reduced. By 1479 DR, it had sworn fealty to High Imaskar and the Imaskarians stationed troops in the city to ensure its loyalty.[1]


The city was home to many ethnic Mulhorandi who carried on many of their traditions. The city also housed many tieflings, descendants of slaves who made pacts with dark forces.[1]


Gheldaneth's inhabitants lived in relatively new buildings built on top of the many structures destroyed by the Spellplague. Most of the city's grand buildings were buried in rubble during the Spellplague's upheaval.[1]

Notable Locations[]

  • The temple of Horus-Re: a ruined temple buried deep under the city.[2]