A ghost was the spirit of a deceased sentient creature. This type of undead was incorporeal in nature and only vulnerable to conventional weapons on the Ethereal Plane. A Ghost Brute was a ghost of an animal, plant, or magical beast that was stuck to the material plane.

A ghost was a creature existing on two planes, the material and the Astral Plane. A ghost's connection to the material plane was severed when destroyed, but in a few days the ghost would usually come back. Ghosts were a repetitive nuisance for those who lived in one's particular haunt.

A ghost could also be controlled of wizards, sorcerers, liches, etc. In this case the ghost was finally put to rest when destroyed on the material plane or the master of the ghost died. This was usually uncommon though, because to raise a ghost used a lot more magic than raising a regular undead. A ghost's weapons usually consisted of whatever weapons they carried in their mortal life, and maybe a spell or two if they were a wizard or sorcerer.



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