Ghost was an assassin who belonged to the Night Masks. He spent at least three lifetimes perfecting his mastery of the dreaded Ghearufu.[1]


His most familiar body was that of a weak and puny man, issuing a steady stream of phlegm-filled coughs. He had heavy eyelids; thick, full lips; and no beard or stubble, making his face look too clean and soft to be an adult's.[2] Up until his death at the hands of Cadderly Bonaduce, Ghost also used the body of the firbolg Vander to escape any dangerous situations and to perform his craft.[3]


The GhearufuEdit

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Ghost killed by swapping his spirit with his target's using a magical device called the Ghearufu.[4] The Ghearufu consisted of a small, gold-edged mirror on a golden chain and a pair of mismatching gloves, one white, the other black.[5] After switching bodies, Ghost would then use his target's body to kill the victim trapped in his original form. The target's spirit would then leave the dead body, which could be reclaimed by Ghost's spirit after it was repaired by his ring of regeneration.[1]

The device was said to have been created in the lower planes millennia before it came to be found by Ghost.[6]

Cadderly Bonaduce finally destroyed the Ghearufu with the help of the red dragon Fyrentennimar.[7]

Ring of RegenerationEdit

In order to use his own body again after killing it, Ghost used a ring of regeneration. After the kill, the assassin would wait for the ring concealed in his boot to heal his original body. When it was alive again, he transferred back, leaving the target's empty body dead and unmarked.[8]




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