Ghost mounts were horrifying creatures that wandered the deserts of Zakhara, and looked like spectral, skeletal animals.[1]


These spirits had two forms: true and illusory. Their true form was a transparent outline of what they were in life (desert mounts such as horses, camels, or antelopes) They often looked like rotting skeletons with gaping wounds. To hide their real form they, used powerful illusory spells.[1]

Ghost mounts literally hovered above the ground, and did not need water or food to survive. Many riders often employed this feature of the mounts to travel very long distances in any weather.[1]


Such creatures attempted to lure humanoids into riding them. However, those who accepted help from the ghastly mounts were subsequently attacked, and then turned into ghosts themselves.[1]


Ghost mounts attacked their foes with hooves and teeth, but often preferred to persuade the enemy to ride them, and then suck out all of their life energy. However, not all riders were fooled. Particularly wise riders were able to repel the process, and would jump off the mounts before the spirits could rush into the open desert, where they would inevitably kill them.[1]

Due to their immunity to spells such as sleep, charm and hold, as well as death and cold-based magic, it was very difficult to subdue such ghosts. However, if managed, riders could instead get the spirits to obey them, becoming a useful ally and mount.[1]


Ghost mounts were, in life, animals that were brutally handled and mistreated. For this reason, they swore to take revenge by killing potential riders who roamed the desert. Often, these spirits formed a herd of animals in the hopes of finding more victims.[1]


Ghost mounts did not live like most sentient beings, as they did not eat, sleep, or require rest. Because of these abilities, Zakhara, magicians often used them.[1]



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