Ghost pipes was a bard spell that caused an instrument to rise into the air and hover, playing itself with no visible musician.[2] Wizards could cast this spell also, but it was more difficult for them.[1]


The caster would hold a working, non-magical musical instrument while casting the spell. Upon completion, the instrument was released to hover at that height, glowing as if outlined in faerie fire. The caster did not need knowledge of how to play the instrument, but had to hum or whistle the tune to be repeated by the enchanted instrument. The refrain could be up to one minute long and would repeat continuously until dispelled, or until a living creature touched the animated music maker. Once touched, it stoped playing and slowly settled to the ground as the glow faded away.[1]


This spell required a musical instrument in working condition, and the caster to hold the instrument while whistling or humming the tune to be performed.[1]


Rumors around the Court of King Azoun IV said that this spell was a youthful attempt at spell research by Vangerdahast Aeiulvana of Suzail and he was very embarrassed when it was brought to His Majesty's attention and became a favorite distraction of the King. The Council of Mages made it available to others, much to the chagrin of the royal magician.[1]


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