Ghost sound, also known as audible glamer,[4][9] is a cantrip, or very simple to use spell, learned by all wizards. Ghost sound allows its caster to create the impression of a quiet, whispery sound within fifty feet. However, the sound is not real, but an illusion created by the wizard.

Following the Spellplague, ghost sound, like all cantrips, became an at-will spell that wizards are capable of casting at any time without preparation.

Prior to the Spellplague, ghost sound was also cast by bards and sorcerers, with much the same purpose. At this time, spells were accessed through the Weave and, as such, ghost sound could be cast only a limited number of times. Like other spells of the time, ghost sound grew in potency with the experience and power of its caster, growing louder as the caster grew more powerful.


The spell was attributed to Netherese arcanist Xanad in −944 DR and was originally called Xanad's glamer.[1]



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