The Giant's Craw was a valley at the eastern base of the Desertsmouth Mountains, just north of River Ashaba in Shadowdale. It was dotted with a few lone pine trees and had the remnants of a long-lost trail leading down to the rock bed, though it had not been used for ages.[1]


The valley was distinct for having a huge slab of shimmering obsidian that glowed with a violet hue. If any pieces of the stone were mined, or otherwise removed they lost this magical radiance. This was due to the fact the living rock was enchanted with a permanent faerie fire spell.[1]

The valley was also significant in that it held Shraevyn's Tomb.[1]


The valley was once home to a group of hill giants but they were driven out some time before 1359 DR, by then-resistance-fighter Lord Randal Morn. Around the year 1369 DR, the valley was known for having Zhentarim activity.[1]



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