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Giant bombardier beetles were a species of giant beetle.[2]


The bodies of bombardier beetles generally grew to be around 4​ to ​6 feet (1.2​ to ​1.8 meters) in length.[3][2][1]


As a defense mechanism, bombardier beetles were able to expel clouds of reddish acidic vapor from their abdomens that had a horrible smell.[3] The sound of them expelling this acid could be deafening, potentially stunning nearby creatures.[3][2] They could also emit a cloud of fire to protect themselves, a few times per day.[2]


Bombardier beetles were often solitary creatures.[2]

Like most species of beetle, these creatures lacked good eyesight or hearing. Because of this, bombardiers primarily relied upon their tactile and taste senses. The latter was done by means of their antennae.[3]


Unlike many beetles, bombardier beetles were solely carnivores, feeding mostly on carrion and gathering carcasses as places to lay their eggs.[3][2]


Bombardier beetles were typically found to dwell above-ground in forests[3][2][1] of warm climate regions.[1]

In north Faerûn they were known to inhabit parts of Cormanthor's forests[4][5] and the Dragon's Eye in the Spine of the World.[6] In south Faerûn they could be found in the Forest of Amtar and the Lluirwood,[7]

Beyond Toril, they could be found on the planet of Krynn.[8]


The substances inside bombardier beetles could be harvested from dead specimens and used create small explosives.[2] Their glands could be mixed with the blood of a black dragon in a broth to enchant its tooth.[9]



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