Giant crabs were a species of large crab.[2]


Giant crabs were known to sport varying arrays of colors. Most commonly reds, browns, and greys. Their bodies were typically covered by a large, chitinous shell.[1]


Giant crabs were amphibious creatures, equally capable of surviving on both land and in water.[1][2]

Giant crabs typically mated in autumn, with males attempting to mate with as many females as they could. The fertilized females were known to bury their eggs in the sand of beaches, which would then hatch the following spring.[1]


Giant crabs typically preferred to sneak up on their prey, then catch and dismember them with their large pincers.[1]


A coven of sea hags dwelling in the Sargauth Level of Undermountain used giant crabs as their mounts and pets.[5]


Giant crabs typically made their homes along shorelines, with some burrowing into the sand at day and only coming out to feed around dusk and dawn. Though they were also known to hunt during the morning and night.[1]


Giant crabs were known to often feed upon large dead fish and other forms of carrion that sank beneath the waves or washed up on shores. Their tendency to feast upon large carrion along the seafloor was considered an important ecological niche. They were also known to venture into the water in search of fish.[1]


On the surface, giant crabs were often hunted by humans and demihumans for their meat and hard chitinous shells. The latter of which were prized by some as a material for constructing armor and shields.[1]



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