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Giant crayfishes were a type of very large crustacean.[5][note 1]


These creatures were six-limbed, low-bodied crustaceans whose bodies typically measured 8 feet (2.4 meters) or more in length.[3] They were rather slow walkers, though very fast swimmers.[5]


Much like a giant crab, giant crayfish typically hunted by hiding themselves, then rushing out to seize their prey.[5]



These creatures primarily fed upon fish.[4]


Giant crayfish were typically found to inhabit wide and deep rivers[4] of freshwater.[5] On Toril they were particularly known to be encountered in the River Ashaba of Cormanthor,[6][7] Dragon Reach,[7] the Stump Bog,[8] and the Moonsea lake.[9]

In the region of Kara-tur, they could be found on the Akari island[10] and the river adjacent to the town of Kataburi.[11]

Beyond the Prime Material plane, giant crayfish were rumored to be found in Phlegethon.[12]


The meat of giant crayfish was considered a delicacy by many creatures, especially among nixies. Dragon turtles, giant gars, giant otters, giant pikes, giant snapping turtles, merrows, and storm giants were all known to hunt and prey upon them.[4]



  1. These core sources — Monstrous Manual on page 50, Monstrous Compendium Volume Two on page 29, and the 1st edition Dungeon Masters Guide on pages 180 & 224 — all state that crayfish and lobsters are the same thing. While crayfish are similar to lobsters and are even colloquially known as "freshwater lobsters," they are distinct creatures.

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