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Giant eagles were large-sized magical beasts that resembled massive eagles.[2]


Giant eagles were intelligent, keen-eyed birds of prey that sometimes associated with good creatures.[2] A giant eagle was a noble creature that spoke Auran and understood speech in the Common tongue.[2]


Giant eagles considered themselves to be the defenders of mountaintops and would make fast friends with any who respected and aided them in times of need.[citation needed]

As an intelligent creature, Giant eagles were expected to be treated with respect or their pride would be hurt.[5]


A giant eagle and its rider.


Giant eagles were found in the Nether, Rauvin, and Ice Mountains, as well as the Spine of the World, in northwest Faerûn.[6] They were also found in the Dragonjaw, Thesk, and Sunrise Mountains in northeast Faerûn.[7] Giant eagles nested in Evermeet in the Guardian Trees.[8]

In the Unapproachable East, they could be found around the Umbergoth mountain of Aglarond.[9]

In the Zakhara region's Crowded Sea, they could be found on the island chain of Nada al-Hazan[10] and the archipelago of Jazayir al-Sartan.[11]

Like most mundane animals, giant eagles could be found in the Beastlands.[12]


Remnis was the patron god of giant eagles in the Realms.[13]


Giant eagles were prized as mounts,[14] even being the sole mounts for the Eagle Knights of Evermeet.[15] They were also revered by the Eagle Tribe hunters in the western region of the Shaar.[16]

They were sometimes seen guarding or accompanying elves or dwarves and were known to be capable of forging strong friendships that could last their entire lives.[5]

The clergy of Aerdrie Faenya was primarily concerned with exploration and maintaining good relations with giant eagles.[17]

For a very long time Avariels nourished respectful and admirative bonds with giant eagles.[18]


The feather of a giant eagle could be used as a material component for the spell protection from birds and uniquely would double its duration.[19]


Around 1374 DR, one could find giant eagles stabled by the Zhentarim as mounts within the Temple in the Sky.[20]

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