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A giant lizard[note 1] was a huge variety of lizard.[3][1][4]


Giant lizards were much larger than normal lizards and monitor lizards, and as such, were about 15 ft (4.6 m) long.[3][4]


These creatures did not seem to keep or hoard treasure of any type. They were very quick at traversing land, and much faster than all other types of lizards.[4] Giant lizards were good climbers, and could climb as fast as they crawled.[1] Some of these beasts could hold their breath for up to 15 minutes, as well as climb upside down on ceilings and difficult surfaces.[1]


Giant lizards had very large maws, making it able for them to envelop smaller foes.[4]


  • Itzmti: a species of giant lizard that was native to Maztica. They had dull-red scales that were evocative of a dragon's and their flesh was considered a delicacy.[5]


Appearing in pairs or in groups up to twelve, giant lizards preferred to lurk in swamps and marshes.[4] They were also known to be solitary, and could dwell in any warm lands.[3] However, they were sometimes domesticated by lizardfolk who used them as pack animals and a source of food.[3][1]

They were somewhat lazy at hunting, and would often attack anything that could be eaten. Giant lizards were known to be hunted upon by black dragons.[3]


In northwest Faerûn, giant lizards could be found in the Stump Bog.[6] Beyond the Prime Material plane, like most mundane animals these creatures could be found in the Beastlands.[7]



  1. In Monster Manual 3rd edition, giant lizards were classified as only being medium-sized, growing up to a maximum of 5 feet long. This is completely inconsistent with other material. In the updated Monster Manual 3.5 edition, the term "giant lizard" was correctly replaced with "monitor lizard".


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