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A giant slug was an extremely huge and deadly version of a slug.[2][3]


These gargantuan slugs seemed to resemble benign garden slugs, but were actually hideous mutations with highly advanced traits. Most giant slugs had a grey outer color with a white underside. These slugs had an unlimited store of corrosive acid, proving deadly to almost all foes. Giant slugs were immune to this acid.[2]


Surprisingly, giant slugs were extraordinarily strong, being able to batter down barricades, and even demolish wooden buildings in mere seconds. Being invertebrates, giant slugs could squeeze through spaces that even much smaller creatures had no chance of passing.[2]


These monstrous slugs used their sheer size to overwhelm enemies and chomp down on them. Once doing so, the slugs would release their saliva, which acted as a corrosive acid. As well as corroding their opponents themselves, the vile gloop dissolved their equipment too. If not in reach, the giant slugs could spit the acid as a projectile. These spitting attacks, as well as corroding most materials, caused huge damage and, furthermore, could be used whenever, at will. However, this was made up by their poor accuracy, particularly from very far range.[2]

Giant slugs had very thick hides of a rubber-like substance, and thus, could not be hit by blunt weapons.[2]


Having no need to employ pack tactics, giant slugs typically dwelt alone. Placed right at the top of the food chain, these creatures had no known predators.[2]


Though some generic slugs were herbivorous, all giant slugs were omnivorous, and as such, fed on literally anything. Giant slugs had enormous appetites, feeding on both meat, plant material, carrion, and even garbage, but flesh was preferable. They spat their corrosive acid on their food before consuming it.[2]


Giant slugs typically lurked in damp, dark places, which were often underground, and might be found in forests, jungles, and dungeons.[2]

In the Trollbark Forest there lived giant slugs with dull green skin mottled with brown. These primarily fed upon leaves and moss. They were occasionally used by the forest's resident trolls as beasts of burden.[4]


Due to the potency of their internal acids, they were sometimes used as material components for spells. Their bile was used in the vitriolic sphere spell[5][6] and their spittle was needed for Veladar's vambrace.[7]


In the palace of Dangwaru on the Chultan Peninsula, a giant slug scaled the statue of a kraken. This giant slug was formerly a cleric of Umberlee, but was turned into the huge mollusc by the goddess herself as a punishment.[8]



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