A giant squid was a rare, gargantuan, and powerful squid.[2][1][3]


These squids were similar to the standard mollusks that posed no threat to society. Giant squids, however, were dangerous hunters, and would attack anything they encountered, even ships.[1] They were absolutely huge, measuring over 60 ft (18 m) long, and had ten powerful tentacles.[2] Giant squids were protected by a hard shell, but were vulnerable in other areas.[3]

Krakens were a type of gargantuan squid. Despite their similarities, krakens were highly evolved, intelligent, and one of the most deadly types of creatures in existence.[2]


Giant squids were excellent and fast swimmers, and able to jet away at extremely quick speeds.[1]


Such creatures mainly attacked by constricting their foes with their strong tentacles and biting them. It was possible for these squids to have their tentacles severed, and if so, they grew back within a few days. If they were losing a fight, they were able to emit huge inky clouds and swim away.[1]

Even vessels had little chance to survive a giant squid attack, as the mollusks could drag the whole ship to the bottom of the ocean.[2]


These squids appeared in natural waters, such as in the Staunt Pools of Luruar[4] and Mlossae,[5] but also in other places. They were known to inhabit the Fated Depths, a water-based fiendish plane of limitless depth.[6]

Giant squids, though deadly predators, sometimes fell victim to hungry cachalot whales.[7] They had no need to hunt in groups, and only ventured alone.[1]


AD&D TC - giant squid

A giant squid attacking a ship.

Giant squid sepia was a very common material component in spells, particularly those that involved language, detection, and reading.[8] It was used in erase,[9] message,[10] detect magic,[9] read magic,[11] and comprehend languages.[9] The archmage, Asmiak, noted in the Book of the Silver Talon that darkness, 15' radius had a reduced duration when a material component was replaced by giant squid sepia. Such giant squids could be summoned by the summon monster IX spell.[12]

The shape of squid ships, particularly the hull of Morkoth, resembled giant squids.

[13] These giant animals were kept and revered by the Kraken Society.[14]



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