Giant sundew was a species of dangerous almost-sentient carnivorous plant. It was a giant relative of ordinary sundews and a cousin of red sundews.[1]


A typical giant sundew reached up to 4 feet (1.2 meters) tall. From afar, they appeared as a mound of grayish-green ropes, cloth, and rags. They emitted a thick, sweet, syrupy smell that attracted flies, which would swarm the plant and be a telltale sign of lurking danger.[4]


The sticky-sweet secretions that covered the plant's body protected it from missiles and fire attacks.[4]

The giant sundew detected its prey's movements via vibrations. It laid low and inactive until something moved within 5 feet (1.5 meters) from its body. Then it instinctively attacked with up to six tendrils per creature at a time. The plant's tendrils secreted sticky-sweet sap that restrained its prey. The sap was also corrosive, slowly damaging the unfortunate victim.[4]


The sundews grew in damp and shaded areas. They were attached to the ground via hair-like thin roots. The plant was able to uproot itself and slowly move to a new hunting spot using its sticky tendrils.[4]

The sap could be dangerous on its own even without the sundew's attacks. If the prey was attacked in the face with the sundew's sap they could die of asphyxiation within 12–24 seconds. The only non-magical way to dissolve the dangerous sap was soaking it with vinegar or alcohol.[2]



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