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Giant water spiders were a common species of monstrous spider that were adapted to living in freshwater environments.[1][2]


Giant water spiders possessed a slight degree of intelligence. Because of this, creatures such as nixies were sometimes known to establish a relationship with then, often by means of offering food. But like any spider, they were liable to attack any creature that disturbed their home.[2]


These creatures possessed a powerful poisonous bite.[1][2] Their bodies were well adapted for running all across vegetative and mineral surfaces underwater.[2]


Giant marine spiders
A rare species of water spider that was larger than others and found only in saltwater environments.[2][1]



Giant water spiders would build large nests amidst underwater vegetation that acted as a pocket of air. Any prey that was caught while out hunting would be dragged back to this lair,[2] where they could safely cocoon them for later digestion.[1]


These creatures were only known to inhabit freshwater lakes, though a rarely encountered sub-species lived in saltwater habitats.[2]

In particular, giant water spiders were known to occasionally be found in the lakes of Cormanthor,[3] the neighboring Moonsea region's lake of the same name,[4] the River Ashaba, Dragon Reach,[5] and the Marsh of Chelimber.[6] Beneath the cold plains and Galena Mountains of the Vaasa region, they inhabited an Underdark cavern sacred to Kiaransalee known as the Vault of Gnashing Teeth.[7]

Following the Spellplague, giant water spiders could be found in the Vilhon Reach.[8]

In the region of Kara-tur these creatures could be found in its tropical and sub-tropical oceans, temperate swamps, and temperate bodies of water.[9] Such as the rivers on Akari island.[10]



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